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Laurel Hedge

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

A new hedge was required in a private garden to reduce noise and road pollution and create more privacy. We suggested laurels as a reliable, fast growing and evergreen hedging solution.

First we removed some jasmine plants that were growing up some large trellis attached to the fence that would sit behind the hedge. We then needed to replace a few rotten fence posts to keep the fence secure and got to work digging out a fresh new border ensuring all weeds and decorative stones were removed. We suggested how many laurels would be required to create a nice bushy hedge and prepared the poor soil in the border by mixing in extra nutrients for quick and vigorous growth.

We measured and spaced out 30, 90cm high laurels to form a glossy, dense hedge. We then planted them all in a neat line down one side of the garden. Finishing off with a gentle firming in with our boots and a good drink of water to get them on their way. One year on we have been told the laurels are looking surperb and have already exceeded the height of the fence.

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